Meet JPY

The history of a people is found in its songs.
— George Jellinek



Jason P Yoder has been playing guitar for over half of his life and man does it show! The Old Blues can be felt throughout Still Water Blackout, Jason P Yoder's first album of original music. Yoder's debut album release, Acoustic Night: A Pennsylvania Christmas, was followed up by his latest album, Acoustic Night: Feather On A Cradle. A few fun facts; Each song from the finger-style, instrumental Acoustic Night series was recorded by Jason on one guitar, and in one take. Where as his original songs are (usually) layered recordings on multiple instruments and, obviously, multiple takes. 

Giving back is near and dear to Jason's heart. Most of the men Jason has learned from growing up no longer grace this earth. In his younger years, JPY learned from guys such as John Cephas, John Jackson and Roy Bookbinder. He continues to pass on their music through his own songwriting and their instruction through his guitar lessons. Though Yoder's schedule gets to be quite a whirlwind of events; he always makes time to teach.


The JPY Madness

The method to Jason's madness can vary. Finding bits of scrap paper with a verse, or a single line, scribbled across it is the norm at the Yoder residence.

Although he writes on whatever is available, he will gladly tell you that his favorite writing tablet is (drum roll please) the little scratch pads from hotel rooms. His original song, "Cold In Carolina" was actually written on one of those little scratch pads! 

 Moving on from the scratch pads, Jason P records and produces his CD's songs. Meanwhile, his wife completes the album artwork. The creative process is completed all in the comfort of their own home studio along the beautiful Susquehanna River. Aside from the press and printing, which is only a 3 hour drive, how much more indie could one get?!

With three albums under his belt, Yoder is honing in on the recording side of the music industry this year, yet again. 2016 Jason P focused on recording rather than gigging. This leaves us with a very ambitious Jason P Yoder.  This year, 2017, JPY is hoping to have two original albums, as well as a third title under Acoustic Night!  Hop on your favorite social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reverb Nation) for the latest feats and dets (features and details) on Jason P Yoder!