Acoustic Night: Feather On A Cradle

Acoustic Night: Feather On A Cradle

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Jason P Yoder's "Feather On A Cradle" wowed us in MAJOR and MINOR ways! 2-disc Finger-style instrumental lullaby album.

"Feather On A Cradle" features 32 tracks of Jason's take on traditional lullaby songs, finger-style, of course! Do NOT be fooled by the descriptive word "lullaby"- this album is more like an adults album that children happen to know the words to! 

"Acoustic Night: Feather On A Cradle" is Jason P Yoder's second album in his Acoustic Night series. Acoustic Night albums are of compilations of traditional music played finger-style on acoustic guitar. No lyrics or singing. Just one guitar, one track! 

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